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White Women Like Black Men - There Comes a Time to Put Down the Phone | Swirlr - RHONDA & TORRENCE White Women Like Black Men - There Comes a Time to Put Down the Phone | Swirlr - RHONDA & TORRENCE White Women Like Black Men - There Comes a Time to Put Down the Phone | Swirlr - RHONDA & TORRENCE White Women Like Black Men - There Comes a Time to Put Down the Phone | Swirlr - RHONDA & TORRENCE

There Comes a Time to Put Down the Phone

Dating sites don’t always work wonders right away, but Rhonda was not one for giving up. “I had used the site before, “she says, “but had recently signed on again.” Maybe the right guy just hadn’t caught up with her yet. At that time Rhonda was hopeful “but guarded, to a certain extent.”

Torrence was more cheerful about the whole thing. “I was just hoping for the best!” And, as it turned out, his timing was perfect. How long was “Quick504” a member of our site before finding Rhonda’s profile? Not long, he says. “I think about a week!”

Rhonda’s username was “Uniquelady44.” After perusing her profile, Torrence thought that moniker was fitting. He sent Rhonda an email and she quickly responded. After emailing back and forth for about an hour, the duo decided that talking by phone might be more fun. “We exchanged numbers and talked for almost nine hours,” Rhonda declares. She still doesn’t quite believe it.

Fortunately, both of them had generous calling plans. “We talked every day -- morning, noon and night,” Rhonda tells us. “We even brought in the New Year on the phone together!” There was no dead air on any of these calls, no matter how long they lasted. Says Torrence, “We never had any quiet moments while we were on the phone; not even when we were talking six to nine hours a night.”

Their phones couldn’t contain Rhonda and Torrence’s growing romance. These two were soon ready to meet face-to-face. “We had talked so much and gotten to know so much about one another,” Rhonda recalls, “that it just felt right” to arrange an in-person meeting.

Breathing the same air for the first time, their connection was the most natural thing in the world. “It felt so comfortable, being that we had talked so much on the phone before we actually met in person,” reports Torrence. “With so much in common, we are the perfect pair.”

Torrence and Rhonda believe that by becoming phone friends first, their bond was all the stronger. He explains, “It was like we had been together for a long time. Only now with sparks!” They started seeing each other every other weekend. Now Rhonda is ecstatic to share some good news. “In the next couple of months, Torrence will be moving here with me!”

Were they each other’s “type” before they met? Rhonda admits that Torrence was not the kind of guy she had dated before, but “this change was for the good!” She also believes that some of his best traits didn’t come across in his profile. Listen to her extol his virtues… “He’s sweet, caring, kind, considerate, honest and loyal,” says Rhonda.

Torrence never thought he had a particular type, but it turns out Rhonda fit the bill. To sum it up, he says “She’s great! And sexy, too.”

Love has had a profound effect on them. “I have inner peace knowing I have a wonderful man in my life,” says Rhonda. Torrence knows his life is better than ever. “I’m more relaxed and carefree now!”

The couple would like to offer a little advice to online daters hoping to find love like they did. First, Rhonda counsels patience. “Just take your time and make sure the person is who they say they are. Actions speak louder than words.”

Torrence tells folks to trust themselves. “Go with your first instinct and be yourself. Remember to treat the other person the way you want to be treated.” He would also like to add “Don’t overdo it,” but since their first phone call was nine hours long, you may just have to use your own judgment… and double-check your calling plan before you dial!

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