Dating White Men

Regina & Michael -
Tennessee, United States

Dating White Men - One Look Is All It Took | Swirlr - Regina & Michael Dating White Men - One Look Is All It Took | Swirlr - Regina & Michael Dating White Men - One Look Is All It Took | Swirlr - Regina & Michael Dating White Men - One Look Is All It Took | Swirlr - Regina & Michael

One Look Is All It Took

Approaching the details with military precision, Michael launched an all-out campaign to conquer the right woman’s heart. “I needed love in my life,” he says. So, choosing the military-flavored username “Sgt Major 30,” he did his reconnaissance, determined an area of operation and signed on to our online dating site. But Michael tells us he was not expecting to find someone right away. He knew that sometimes it takes patience, and he was right! After about a year of searching, dating and striving, he found her: “MSgigi39.” Michael says he knew right away who she was. “My destiny!”

For Regina – or MSgigi39 – it was word of mouth that got her interested in trying online dating for the first time. How sure was she that it would work? “Not sure at all,” Regina admits. But she decided to give it a chance.

Her bet paid off inside of a month. “Michael reached out to me via email,” Regina remembers. It only took one look at his profile to convince her. “I knew he was the one for me,” she says, delighted at her good fortune.

Regina and Michael got to know each other by phone before deciding to meet for their first date. What was it that convinced Regina they were ready? She laughs. “All the late-night phone calls!” What Michael heard on the other end of the line told him everything he needed to know. “It was the smile in her voice,” he remembers.

What did they think of each other when they met in the flesh? Michael felt like the heavens had opened up, just for him. In his opinion, “she was the most beautiful angel that God ever created. And she had an amazing smile.”

For Regina, the certainty she felt was a revelation in and of itself. “This is real, and I am truly in love,” she recalls marveling to herself. The thought left her breathless. It didn’t hurt that “his blue eyes were hypnotizing!”

Although she already knew this cat was cooler than the other side of the pillow, Regina noticed a part of his personality that hadn’t come across in his profile. His sense of humor kept her in stitches! And Michael thought Regina’s winning personality shone even brighter in person than it had on the computer screen. They knew they were going out again.

Asked how love has changed their lives, Regina sighs. “I’m finally complete and happy.” Michael is glad he was patient. “Love has enriched my life physically, spiritually and emotionally,” he says. This warrior considers his mission accomplished.

Regina wants to pass along her lessons learned to others looking for love online. “Don’t be afraid to be yourself,” she tells us. “And be open-minded.”

Michael concurs. “Be open and honest. Also, put up a classy photo.”

Do that and victory can be yours!

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