Mixed Couples

Dara & Jamie -
Indiana, United States

Engaged January 2013

Mixed Couples - Sold! | Swirlr - Dara & Jamie Mixed Couples - Sold! | Swirlr - Dara & Jamie Mixed Couples - Sold! | Swirlr - Dara & Jamie


We asked Dara what possessed her to join our site and date online. “Something just told me to get on…” Dara says, “…If I wanted to meet someone!” Which she did, of course. But that doesn’t mean she had a whole lot of hope it would work. “I was apprehensive about it all,” admits Dara. “But I was proven wrong in the end!”

Jamie’s reasons for selecting our site were a little more tangible. He reveals that he signed up specifically to “find a beautiful black woman, because I was too shy to approach one!” Jamie put his chances of achieving his goal at about 50/50. And even those iffy odds were colored by the power of positive thinking. “I was being optimistic,” he notes.

Dara met her match in record time. She says that when she first interacted with Jamie, she had been a member for “maybe a day or two” at that point. And Jamie was with us less than a month before noticing Dara’s profile (username “Fauxe”). Dara remembers that they could have met even sooner than they did. “He sent me a Flirt. I never got it. I was still new to the site and didn’t know how to navigate well yet!”

Beauty only runs skin deep, so it took more to spark Jamie’s interest than a beguiling profile pic. “Even though she was pretty, it was just something about her profile that made me contact her,” Jamie explains. Dara responded for similar reasons. “He seemed nice,” she says. “And he was handsome.”

The move from phone call to in-person meeting was made quickly. “We had exchanged numbers and I just wanted to see what we had, face to face,” says Dara. Jamie was quickly convinced himself. “When I heard her voice, I was a wrap — sold,” he laughs.

The often awkward-first date just didn’t play out that way — not with these two. “He was so gorgeous,” gushes Dara. Jamie summarizes his first impression with “Wow!” He was a little rattled by his date’s grace and charm. Dara noticed. “He was so nervous!” she remembers fondly. The two shared “hours of conversation” before reluctantly calling it a night. “We didn’t want to part!” Dara says.

Sometimes profiles don’t tell the whole story, but in this case, the couple reports no surprises from the courtship process. “No, everything was there, honestly,” Dara assures us. “Yep, all was truly well,” adds Jamie. Today they feel as though they’re truly made for each other. Dara says “We are both amazed” at how great the fit is. “I didn’t think there was a person in the world who could fit in my life so perfectly,” marvels Dara. Declares Jamie, “We love everything about each other.”

One thing led to another and eventually, Jamie got down on one knee. More or less… “He just asked repeatedly,” giggles Dara when asked exactly how her beau proposed. Jamie elaborates, “I didn’t want to be without her.” When she said yes, his spirits soared. “I’m the happiest man in the world,” he says gratefully.

To singles, Dara offers these words of wisdom. “Trust your intuition. That’s what worked for me.” Jamie puts in, “Don’t ever give up. Sometimes you find true love in the last place you’d look.”

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