Mixed Couples

Khamika & Petar -
Santo Domingo, Distrito Nacional, Dominican Republic

Engaged November 2015

Mixed Couples - Breathtaking | Swirlr - Khamika & Petar Mixed Couples - Breathtaking | Swirlr - Khamika & Petar Mixed Couples - Breathtaking | Swirlr - Khamika & Petar


As a single woman searching for “Mr. Right,” Khamika found her way to us through word of mouth. “A friend told me about it and I decided, ‘why not,’ since I had nothing to lose,” she recalls. “This was not the first online dating site I tried. I was optimistic, but doubted that it would happen for me.” With that in mind, she posted a profile with the username “Brittttt.”

Her other half was out there and longing for love. Petar felt compelled to join our site and give online dating a try. “I felt something was missing in my life,” he confides. “Your site was my first [experience with online personals]. It was a long shot, but I was up for the challenge.”

“Simba36” (Petar) didn’t keep Khamika waiting for very long. “I was a member for one month before he sent me a Flirt,” she remembers. “We met less than three months after I joined the site.”

Picking up the story there, Petar puts in, “I’d been a member for approximately eight months, at that point.” He thought Khamika’s profile was promising. “She seemed special. Her words sparked my interest!”

Khamika responded because Petar’s profile stood out somehow. Citing Petar’s “charm,” Khamika says she liked him right away. “He seemed different,” she explains. “His words resonated with me.”

Before long the pair began to realize this might be special. A good sign came “when we would exchange long messages on your site,” Khamika elaborates. They quickly moved on to phone calls. What made them decide they were ready to meet for a date was “the intensity and depth” of their conversations, according to Khamika. “It piqued my interest and I started to develop feelings for him,” she says.

“I couldn’t get her off my mind,” confesses Petar. “She invaded my every thought. Her messages gave me life. I had to meet her!”

With such strong feelings forming already, Petar didn’t want to wait too long to meet in the flesh. But this wasn’t a “hop in the car” sort of proposition. He lived in Europe and she was in Africa! Petar tells us that “the first obstacle was to sort out my travel arrangements since I was so far from her, then it was making the trek to her country.”

Khamika met Petar at the airport. “He flew halfway around the world to see me!” she exclaims. “That night we had dinner at our hotel, followed by a breathtaking walk on the boardwalk overlooking the ocean.”

Petar adds that “the chemistry was undeniable.” He says his first thought upon seeing Khamika was “She’s beautiful!”

For Khamika it was a joy to have this person she’d bonded with from afar finally materialize before her eyes. She kept thinking “He’s real!” and soon discovered that Petar felt the same way about her. “He kept hugging me so tight, like he never wanted to let me go,” she laughs.

Petar can confirm that. “I was even more amazed by her presence. I didn’t want to spend a day without her.” Khamika says she was certain she wanted to see him again. “100%. I was in love! He is exactly what I’ve dreamt of.”

Of course, sooner or later Petar had to go home to his own country, and the couple was separated. Action was required. “I had to make the conscious decision to move from my country to be with him,” reflects Khamika. “That was the biggest decision of my life.”

An even bigger decision was soon to follow. “He asked me to marry him!” Khamika squeals. “Propped up in bed, he slipped a ring on my finger. I said yes.”

Finding each other has changed everything for them. “I’m the happiest I’ve ever been,” Khamika says. About their relationship Petar declares that “it gives my life new meaning.”

Here are the suggestions Khamika wants to share with the singles on our site. “Don’t give up. It can happen for you. There are some honest people left in this world.”

“It is possible,” Petar reminds us. “Persistence is key. Keep an open mind and an open heart.”

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