Interracial Love

Kristina & Elton -
Virginia, United States

Interracial Love - From “just okay” to “just right!” | Swirlr - Kristina & Elton Interracial Love - From “just okay” to “just right!” | Swirlr - Kristina & Elton Interracial Love - From “just okay” to “just right!” | Swirlr - Kristina & Elton

From “just okay” to “just right!”

Sometimes profiles make people seem more attractive or genuine than they really are. But most of the time, there’s no way a picture and a few sentences can do justice to someone’s character. That was definitely the case with this couple, who also happen to be one of the most open and eloquent we’ve ever interviewed.

“I thought he was okay looking,” Kristina says of the member whose profile handle was “destined12be.” We love her honesty and suspect that many of our success stories, truth be told, weren’t blown away by their special someone at first glance. More often than not, people become more attractive the more we realize how right they are for us.

And this guy was definitely right for her. The more Kristina looked at his profile, the more she became convinced that the guy who emailed her was a strong contender for her heart. “He has EXACTLY the chivalrous, generous and caring aspects that I wanted in a man, and what I have always wanted in a partner,” she says today.

What brought Kristina to our site? When asked, she gives us an honest and articulate answer. “I wanted to try online dating because of a lack of options in my area of work and lack of time to meet people authentically,” she says. “I was at the end of my rope with dating! When I got on the site, my intention was to strike up some conversations and maybe find someone interesting enough to talk to.”

If it doesn’t sound like she was incredibly optimistic about it, that’s because she wasn’t. Many singles are a little jaded by the time they join our site. “I was not very sure about it,” Kristina confirms. “I thought it could be one of several options for me. So I felt it couldn’t hurt to try it out.”

And who is the mysterious gentleman behind destined12be’s “just-okay” profile picture? Elton was a great guy, exactly the sort Kristina wanted to meet. But before they did, Elton hadn’t gotten a lot of breaks in the dating game. He shares Kristina’s candor, so he told it to us straight. “I got tired of meeting people who were looking for qualities that were not who I was,” he says. “I wanted to meet quality people of substance. This was not my experience in my area of town… I felt it couldn’t hurt to try and see what else was out there.”

They were members for months before Elton spotted Kristina’s profile. Her username, “luvtocook26,” certainly suggested a skill most men like their ladies to have. But Kristina’s culinary prowess was just icing on the cake. “She seemed sweet and intelligent,” Elton recalls. “And, of course, attractive! I had to get to know this lady further.”

So he sat down at his computer keyboard and gave it his best shot. “Elton reached out to me and it was stunning! I was about to give up when I received an email from him. I remember it being impressive enough for me to check out his profile. He seemed nervous in the email, but very excited; the sentences were all run together. When I checked out his profile, he seemed normal and he valued the same things I did. That was a huge thing for me.”

Over the course of less than 72 hours, the pair went from emailing to chatting and talking on the phone. Kristina says she felt they were “really hitting it off” from the start. “I thought he was very gentlemanly, intelligent and a smooth guy, you know? With a sweetness and openness about him. I appreciated that. Made me feel comfortable and want to know more about him.”

It wasn’t long before Kristina felt ready for a date. She felt inspired by “the connection and longing I felt to get to know him more.” Elton was on that wavelength as well. “I would say exactly the same,” he says. Getting a first date on the books was a must, given “how I was beginning to feel about her.”

When the night came, Elton’s first thoughts still linger with him today. “Beautiful woman!” he marveled. “I feel so lucky to be here right now.”

Elton also appreciated how easygoing Kristina was. Even though she says Elton was the same sweet and gentle guy in person that he was on the phone, Kristina was still surprised at the ease of their connection. In fact, she was amazed at “how down-to-earth our conversations were. It was like I had known him for a long time!”

“Our conversation was amazing,” Elton reflects. “When the night came to an end, I just wanted it to keep going.” Was his date certain they would revisit this? “I knew it when there was never any awkwardness and we talked for hours!” laughs Kristina.

Now that they’re in a relationship, it’s easy for the couple to point out the things their profiles didn’t say about each other. “I appreciate his selflessness and how he really does think about others over himself,” says Kristina. “Its like second nature for him. He’s very chivalrous. You could never get the depth of that from a profile.”

“I appreciate how intelligent and giving she is,” declare Elton. “She is always thinking one step ahead. It impresses me! She is what I’ve been looking for all these years. Definitely a woman who can challenge and keep up with me.”

Finding love has made their lives incalculably better and more fun. “It has made me a calmer, more confident person,” Kristina says. “I feel like I can do anything as long as he's around.”

“She is making me a better man,” Elton observes. “Just knowing I have her in my life makes everything all right.”

So while we have the attention of these smart, straightforward and successful daters, we’d be crazy not to ask them for some advice. After all, there are many members of our site who would love to follow in their footsteps!

“Be open, but be true to yourself and what you want in a partner,” says Elton. “My advice is, don’t compromise what you want because someone might be ‘fixable.’ Go for the foundational qualities in a person and the rest will follow naturally,” suggests Kristina. “Be open to allowing someone to teach you things about your life. Be willing to share your experiences openly with someone else. That's what a relationship will be about, anyway.”

We want to thank Kristina and Elton for openly sharing their experience with our readers. It’s instructive and inspiring to us all. Remember, folks, that the person with a photo that is “just okay” might be “just right” for you!

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