Interracial Couples

Allie & Jay

Engaged June 2012

Interracial Couples - Her First Wink Went to the Right Guy | Swirlr - Allie & Jay Interracial Couples - Her First Wink Went to the Right Guy | Swirlr - Allie & Jay Interracial Couples - Her First Wink Went to the Right Guy | Swirlr - Allie & Jay

Her First Wink Went to the Right Guy

Allie tells us she was “curious” about the possibilities online dating had to offer. “I had small children and I didn’t see the usual dating scene as a workable option,” she explains.

“Due to several deployments when I was in the military, I didn’t have the opportunity to really hit the dating scene,” Jay says. “It was just hit and miss. I really wanted to pursue something long-term. But I had no expectations.”

Two months after joining our site, Allie sent a Wink to Jay. “It was the first one I had ever sent,” she says. “He responded in a hurry.”

What prompted Allie to change her singles strategy and make the first move this time? Well, Jay’s profile was pretty bare bones, but something about the fellow stood out. “His profile was brief, but he was very different from the other profiles that I had seen,” Allie relates. Was this guy her type? “He is it,” she says.

Perusing Allie’s profile, Jay felt a surge of hope and excitement. Could this be the woman he’d searched high and low for? Sure seemed like it! He remembers thinking, “Wow. She’s the one.”

After they communicated for some time, getting to know each other through virtual means, an in-person meeting was the next option on the table. But were they ready? Allie explains her thought process. “I was almost sure he was the one. I thought that meeting would make me completely sure.”

When the first date went down, Allie found the sheer size of her date’s frame surprising. “He is huge!” she thought. Meanwhile, Jay’s mind echoed with the simple thought, “She is beautiful!”

As the evening progressed, their superficial attraction quickly deepened. “It was so natural,” Allie says of that night’s chemistry. “We already really knew each other. We were so compatible. He is a great communicator, too.”

Jay was delighted by his date’s personality and positive attitude. “She was as wonderful as I thought. She has a beautiful and warm voice. I left feeling that I’d met my future family.”

That feeling only intensified over the days, weeks and months to follow. Jay became convinced they were ready to ratify this relationship. “Prior to an upcoming visit, I purchased a ring,” he says. “When the opportunity came, I proposed with honesty, sincerity and love. She said yes.”

For Allie, comfort and serenity have replaced the uncertainty that love was in her future. She’s thrilled to be leaving single life behind. “I feel secure and peaceful,” Allie says.

Jay tells us that the couple are making big moves. “We are now buying our first home and waiting on the arrival of our first child,” he says. “With Allie’s help, I am closer to God than I have ever been in my life.”

Jay encourages singles who might be on the fence about online dating to commit to the experience, and go after for what they desire. His metaphor is apt: “You already took a big step by being in line. Take another and buy a ticket!”

“Let the fear go,” adds Allie. For this couple, on the other side of doubt waited delight.

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