Interacial Marriage

Shawn & Jane -
Utah, United States

Married July 2013

Interacial Marriage - “I Want Him for Myself!” | Swirlr - Shawn & Jane Interacial Marriage - “I Want Him for Myself!” | Swirlr - Shawn & Jane Interacial Marriage - “I Want Him for Myself!” | Swirlr - Shawn & Jane Interacial Marriage - “I Want Him for Myself!” | Swirlr - Shawn & Jane

“I Want Him for Myself!”

Jane joined our site “to find that special one.” Shawn had an equally romantic view of it, saying his goal was to “find the one I would love forever.”

Job well done! Jane and Shawn are now married. But once upon a time, they both gave their search for love a 15% chance at failing. Still, putting their odds at 80 to 85% shows more optimism than many singles have when they begin this undertaking…

Three months after she signed up, Jane received a Flirt from Shawn. He had been with us about a year at that point. Looking at Shawn’s profile, Jane perceived that he might be a real keeper. She got the feeling that this gentleman had a good heart. “We had a lot of things in common,” she adds.

As they began chatting on the phone, Shawn quickly found himself at ease with Jane. “She was very kind,” he notes. “And she liked to listen to me!”

Before too long, Jane reached a decision about next steps. “It was time to make it real,” she says. Shawn tells us there was no uncertainty on either side about scheduling their first date. “We talked every day for a few months and just felt like it was time to meet,” he recalls.

When the day came and Jane spent her first few minutes with Shawn, in the flesh, she felt certain that her initial instincts were good. This guy WAS a keeper! Her first thought, as she remembers it, was pretty funny… “I want him for myself, ha ha!”

“She is beautiful and sexy,” Shawn thought to himself. He was surprised by “how we got along so well and just felt really comfortable around each other.” But Jane says she had a classic case of the butterflies! She admits that “when we held hands, my heart would beat really fast…”

After this glorious first meeting, both were “positive” they would go out again. Getting to know each other better, new qualities emerged that weren’t conveyed in their dating profiles. Jane says she was most impressed by “his patience” and Shawn was pleased to learn that “she had a relationship with God.”

One day, Shawn turned serious and it immediately got Jane’s attention. “He just asked if I wanted to be his wife!” A simple but weighty question that Jane didn’t have to ponder for very long…

Now that they’re happily married, Jane says “my whole life has changed (location, job, lifestyle, etc.).” Shawn feels that he has completed one of life’s essential quests. “I feel complete now, no more wondering where she is!”

Before they go, Jane and Shawn want to offer our membership a safety tip and some words of encouragement. “There are good people out there. Just be cautious and ask a lot of questions,” advises Shawn. “Go slow and be careful,” adds Jane. “But don’t be afraid to try and find love!”

You just might find someone who quickens your heartbeat as well!

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