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Natasha & Jonathan -
Knoxville, United States

Black Women White Men Dating - Why Waste Time? | Swirlr - Natasha & Jonathan Black Women White Men Dating - Why Waste Time? | Swirlr - Natasha & Jonathan

Why Waste Time?

Natasha put up a profile on our site under the username “Prettygirl27.” Why choose us? “It seemed like a great alternative way to meet a potential partner,” she explains. But we weren’t the first place she tried. “I had experienced two other dating sites before,” she says. Third time’s the charm…

Jonathan joined up with the handle “NoBigDeal.” He tells us that online dating’s efficiency is what motivated him to give us a shot. “It’s a systematic approach to finding the right person,” he says of Internet personals. “I was relatively confident.”

For Natasha, meeting her soulmate went from a sure thing to a long shot as the right guy failed to materialize. “I was pretty confident in the beginning, then hope sort of dwindled,” she confesses. “I was a member of the site on and off for six years.”

One day she noticed a member who had only been on board about four months. It was NoBigDeal. His profile piqued her curiosity, so she decided to reach out. “I emailed Jon, letting him know that I liked his smile and sense of humor,” recalls Natasha. “In most ways, Jon was what I would have described as being my type,” she says.

After reading his profile, her impression was that Jonathan was “very direct” and had “a sense of humor that would click” with her own. So of course Jonathan got to clickin’ and took a gander at this gal’s profile. He found Natasha “cute, intelligent and intriguing.”

Well, with initial attraction out of the way it wasn’t long before the pair began talking on the phone. For Natasha, it became an addiction! “I couldn’t stop thinking about Jon and I felt as if I needed to speak with him every day,” she admits, blushing.

Why wouldn’t they go out on a date, then? Jonathan is pretty blunt about it. “We spoke, we clicked and we’re both 39. Why waste time?”

The details were ironed out and, looking their best, these two met for a romantic evening out. Her first thought upon meeting him was “he’s so handsome, even better looking in person!” Jonathan remembers thinking “I made a good choice” and describes his emotion in that moment as “relief.”

Natasha says she was surprised by “how comfortable I felt with Jon, from the very first moment” they met. For Jonathan, it was “her level of assertiveness” that caught him off guard — in a good way!

After their first date, Natasha was “very sure that I wanted to see him again.” Of course, she says she felt that way “even before we met.” And Jonathan was 100% positive he didn’t want this to be their last meeting. He was hooked.

Natasha believes that Jonathan’s profile didn’t fully convey the “thoughtfulness and sensitivity” he would demonstrate later. Based on her profile, Jonathan didn’t immediately realize that “our sense of humor is very similar.” He’s also pleased and impressed by “her ability to keep up with me. She is extremely smart, confident, funny and kind.” He also appreciates that she is largely “unconcerned with social norms.”

“Meeting Jon has given me more to look forward to,” Natasha beams. The biggest change for Jonathan is the constant concern he has for Natasha’s wellbeing. He concedes that “trying to consider the other person in my daily, weekly, monthly, yearly plans” has been a whole new experience for him.

While these two do like to joke around, they’re far from cynical about love. Natasha would like to tell singles to “be honest, direct and take a risk.” Jonathan’s advice is to “really think about who you are and what you’re looking for. Think about quality and compatibility, not the top 10 things that will get you the most responses.”

Hopefully their good fortune will rub off on every member of our site who reads these words!

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