Black Women Dating White Men

Veronica & Lyn -
Texas, United States

Black Women Dating White Men - He Thought She Was Hot, and Cool  | Swirlr - Veronica & Lyn Black Women Dating White Men - He Thought She Was Hot, and Cool  | Swirlr - Veronica & Lyn Black Women Dating White Men - He Thought She Was Hot, and Cool  | Swirlr - Veronica & Lyn

He Thought She Was Hot, and Cool

Veronica had never tried online dating before, but she knew it meant more choices. “I wanted to be able to reach a larger demographic,” she explains. “But I was not confident at all.”

Lyn was looking to make improvements in his love life, so he decided to give online personals the old college try. “I was new to town and wanted an efficient way to meet people,” he explains. “And yes, it was my first experience!”

He was no more optimistic than Veronica, though. Their lack of confidence made it even more surprising when, about a month after signing up on our site, “rj74” and “deepeyes71” crossed paths.

“She reached out by Flirt,” Lyn tells us. So what caught her eye? “I thought he was handsome, and I was intrigued by his profile,” Veronica says.

Once Lyn looked up Veronica to see who had contacted him, his eyes almost popped out of his head. “She was hot!” he exclaims. “And based on her profile, very cool, too.”

Veronica wasn’t done being assertive, either. “She asked me out,” Lyn marvels. Veronica sure doesn’t regret being forward. She felt ready to take the next step and see each other in person, so she didn’t wait around. “I was tired of communicating through e-mail,” she laughs.

Well, how’d it go? “He’s more handsome than his pictures,” Veronica says. But Lyn was even more impressed with his date. “She’s way out of my league!” he declares. Veronica was shocked “that the connection was so quick, and strong.” Lyn says he couldn’t believe “how comfortable we were with each other.”

After that, Veronica was “extremely sure” they would get together again soon. So was Lyn. “I was positive that we would,” he says. “Absolutely sure!”

As they got to know each other better, what impressed Veronica the most was Lyn’s “incredibly caring and sensitive side.” Lyn was blown away by Veronica’s “openness, how freely she expresses her emotions.”

Still, there were aspects of this romance that were out of character for them. Veronica says that Lyn is not really her type. In fact, he’s “not very similar at all” to the guys she dated in the past. That doesn’t mean the relationship hasn’t been everything she could have hoped for, though. “It has made me better, and want to be better. Also, it’s made me realize what true love is,” reflects Veronica.

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