Top Questions

  • How can I add a photo?

    1. Go to the "My Profile" page.
    2. In the "Photos" section, select the "Add Photo" button.
    3. Browse for your photo and select it to being the upload.

  • How can I Subscribe/Upgrade my membership?

    Select the "Upgrade" button to find out all about upgrading your account. If you have any problems upgrading, please contact us via our contact page and we'll help you out.

  • How do I close my account and remove my profile?

    Are you sure you want to leave us? We'll miss you a lot! If you're sure you want to close your account...

    1. Go to the "My Account" page.
    2. Select the "Profile" section.
    3. Follow the prompts to temporarily or permanently close your account.

  • I've forgotten my password. What should I do?

    Click on the "Forgot password" link on the login page and follow the instructions.

  • Where can I find my Subscription details?

    1. Go to the "My Account" page.
    2. Select the "Billing" section.
    3. Here you will find all your subscription information, such as when you subscribed, for how long and the date of renewal or expiry.

  • How can I change the amount of email notifications I receive?

    Email notifications are e-mails sent to your e-mail address to alert you when you have a new visitor to your profile, a new message, a new favorite etc....

    1. Go to the "My Account" page.
    2. Select the "Notifications" section.
    3. Select which notifications you want to receive.

    It's up to you, but remember: if a potential match is visiting your profile, you might want to know about it immediately!

  • How do I send someone a message?

    Visit the profile of the person you want to contact. Hit the Message button and type what you want to say in the text box. Enjoy chatting on Swirlr!

  • How can I change what I'm looking for?

    You can change your preferences on the "Edit Profile" page, or while on the "Search" page you can adjust your search filters.

  • How can I change my e-mail address?

    1. Go to the "My Account" page.
    2. Select the "My Details" section.
    3. Select the arrow to the right of your current email address.
    4. Enter your new e-mail address and select the "Save" button.

    Note: You must confirm your new e-mail address by clicking the link in the e-mail we send to your new address.

  • How can I block users?

    On all profiles, you'll find a "Block" option that allows you to block that member. Blocked members can no longer contact or visit you. You won't see them in your "Viewed Me" list or in your search results.

    You can also to report abuse by selecting "Report Concern" on the member's profile.

  • How can I change my profile Nickname?

    1. Go to the "Contact" page.
    2. Select either the Live Chat, Phone or Email option that you prefer.
    3. Let our Customer Support team know what you'd like to change your Nickname to and they will make the change for you (if the new Nickname is not already taken).