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Do You Really Have to Go?

When Lance first laid eyes on the profile of a member calling herself “Vgigi,” he was intrigued. This was someone he thought he could have a real conversation with. But what Lance didn’t know is that Vgigi had restrictive parameters on her profile that filtered out his Flirt! Uh oh.

Who was this mystery woman? Meet Virginia, a single whose love life left something to be desired. It was time to think outside the box…

“I decided it couldn’t hurt to try a white guy,” jokes Virginia. “This was the first site I tried. I wanted to see what was out there!”

Truth be told, she was a little nervous. Virginia had heard some warnings about meeting strangers on the Internet. “I was not very confident,” Virginia confesses. “ESPECIALLY after hearing all the negative stories out there. But I figured I could come out of this (dating online) with some new friends, if nothing else.”

So she became a member of our online personals site. It took time (eight months, to be exact), but eventually she forged a connection with Lance. He had only been with us a month at that point.

“He sent me a Flirt, which was sent to my Filtered Flirts folder due to my restrictions on my profile,” explains Virginia. But fortunately, she found his Flirt, took a peek at his profile and decided this was a message worth answering. They quickly progressed to phone calls. That’s where things really got interesting…

“I thought he was very funny,” says Virginia. “He had me laughing every day over the phone! I couldn’t believe how much in common we had.”

We asked the couple when they decided to take the plunge, put down those phones and meet up. Lance let Virginia handle most of the interview so far but here, he has to chime in. “I had to meet this girl who seemed so perfect for me,” says this soft-spoken single well on his way to changing that status.

His other half was ready, too. “I had fallen in love with him over the phone already,” a blushing Virginia reveals. “Still, it took us awhile to meet because we lived so far apart.”

Face to face, there were no nasty surprises. Everyone was as advertised and the genuine article. “I breathed a sigh of relief when he looked like his pictures,” laughs Virginia. “You never know!” Lance adds, “I thought reality couldn’t possibly match how I had imagined her...but it did –- by far.”

As Virginia alluded to earlier, geography was not an ally in their effort to make this work. So she had to hop a flight to Lance’s corner of the country. “I couldn’t believe she actually flew out to come see me,” he marvels. Lance was honored and impressed.

Truth is, Virginia was committed to giving this blossoming romance a chance to grow. “We seemed to have known each other all our lives,” she says. After a few magical days together, it was tough to think about going back to their separate lives again. “He didn’t want me to leave,” says Virginia. “If I didn’t have to go back, we just might have started our life together right then, at the airport!”

Lance remembers that moment fondly. “She joked about just staying with me instead of going back to her life,” he tells us. “She has no idea how close I was to taking her up on that offer.”

What is the key to their connection? Lance and Virginia both point to their partner’s warm and compassionate nature. “She loves with all her heart,” says Lance. Virginia notes that “though he may joke around a lot, Lance is the most caring person.”

Surprisingly, from the physical perspective they weren’t technically each other’s type. “I normally went for skinny guys and he is so buff,” adds Virginia. “I just sit and stare!” Previously, Lance was looking for someone closer to his own height. “I went for tall girls,” he explains. “She is a half foot shorter than I am. But I love how she fits in my arms.”

These two feel that meeting each other has triggered a cascade of changes in their lives, all of them good. “My heart has softened,” admits Virginia. Lance notes that he smiles a lot more these days.

Before we conclude this tale of romance found on the interwebs, let’s see if the happy couple has something to say to singles who would appreciate an encouraging word. “There is such a thing as a soulmate,” Virginia reminds us. “And online just may be where you find yours!”

She’s living proof. As for Lance, he tells singles to chin up. “Don't let the bad discourage you from looking,” he advises. “Guys, there are good women online!”

Though today there is one less. Virginia hopes that she’s found her man and left her single days behind her!

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