Interracial Marriages

Monique & Larry -
Virginia, United States

Married January 2013

Interracial Marriages - The Heat is On | Swirlr - Monique & Larry Interracial Marriages - The Heat is On | Swirlr - Monique & Larry

The Heat is On

When Larry proposed to Monique, they were on a Miami vacation together with plans to see LeBron James and the Miami Heat. She happily accepted, they went to the game and got hitched not long thereafter. But how did they meet in the first place?

They met right here on our site! When they signed up, both singles were “skeptical” and “not sure” they would ever find love on the Internet. Monique informs us that she didn’t go out a lot, in general, so navigating the online dating world wasn’t something she had much confidence in. Larry was looking for “something different” than the dating experiences he’d had previously, so that’s why he decided to give our site a shot.

It didn’t take too long for these two to connect. A couple months after Monique joined and less than six months after Larry did, their paths crossed online. “Monique reached out to me by sending a Flirt,” Larry recalls. “Then I emailed her back with my number and she contacted me. The rest is history!”

“I was impressed,” says Monique of her first thoughts upon meeting Larry. “I was in love at first sight!” Larry was, too. “I was so glad she looked EXACTLY like her pictures,” he says.

Monique compliments her husband by highlighting his honesty. Larry notes that with their common values, a connection came easily. “We were very similar in our outlooks in life,” Larry says.

As a married couple, their relationship has continued to grow. “We have a adorable son now and live a prosperous life,” a grateful Larry informs us.

To singles, the pair says, “take your time and ask a lot of questions. Be honest with what you want.”

It worked out well for Larry and Monique, so it can work out for everyone — the key is sticking to it!

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