Interracial Couples

Sabrina & Zev -
Gainesville, Florida, United States

Interracial Couples - Super, Duper, Love | Swirlr - Sabrina & Zev Interracial Couples - Super, Duper, Love | Swirlr - Sabrina & Zev Interracial Couples - Super, Duper, Love | Swirlr - Sabrina & Zev

Super, Duper, Love

It makes sense that Sabrina and Zev and might be a match… Both chose funny usernames! She posted a profile on our site with the handle “SabriNUTZ” and Zev chose “RightOnRed.” Sense of humor was surely a factor in their initial attraction.

Here’s why Sabrina signed up. “I wasn’t finding who I was looking for in my real life, and I knew there was someone out there for me. This wasn’t my first experience [with online dating].” She tells us that she was “no more or less confident than I was about finding love in ‘real’ life.”

Zev was drawn to Internet personals because of its efficiency, liking “the idea that you could cut through the bullshit and get to know a lot of people quicker, and get through to the people you click with more quickly.” He makes a favorable comparison to other chances to meet new people, in his day-to-day-life. “There’s no quick way to get to know someone you meet at the grocery store,” observes Zev. “This was my first real experience online dating, but I was super, duper, absolutely confident [it would work]!”

Interestingly, it looks like the couple joined our site at around the same time and both were on-and-off members for four full years before their paths crossed. Sabrina sent Zev the “Teddy Bear” Flirt, adding that “Zev replied with actual words!”

She liked very much that Zev’s first messages were off-the-cuff and unrehearsed. “He wrote in a stream of consciousness that sounded like it was actually him speaking, not a canned response,” Sabrina notes now. “His sarcasm was apparent and super-attractive. And his hair is unique!”

“Her profile was exactly who she is,” declares Zev. “She didn’t seem like she was looking for a man, but was more just letting herself be seen… She just wanted to be herself and find somebody.”

After awhile, circumstances favored a meeting. “He was going to be close to me, and I had to make sure that he was real and as good as he seemed ‘on paper,’” laughs Sabrina. It was time for a real date.

Zev remembers Sabrina being the driving force, at that moment. “She went for it,” he tells us. “She made the date happen... I liked her and I liked that she didn’t fear rejection.”

With a plan in mind, the pair counted down the days to their first face-to-face. “We met in NYC with plans to just hang out and get to know each other for 48 hours or so,” remembers the lady. Meeting her man, her first thought was, “OMG, he’s real! I’m so happy, and so lucky.”

Zev felt an odd serenity as he settled into the flow of conversation with Sabrina. He remembers thinking, “I’m home. Finally! She’s here. I got her. It felt like we had been dating for four or five years. Natural.”

Sabrina nods, agreeing with that sentiment. “It felt like I had known him forever, instead of just meeting,” she says. “We were so comfortable!”

Both singles were certain — as in, 100% sure — they’d meet again. And of course they did, falling in love as naturally as their first-date conversation flowed. Sabrina was happily surprised to discover that Zev’s profile didn’t tell the full story about him. That’s because “his level of loyalty and commitment to those he loves” only became clear as they got to know each other.

We asked them if the person fit what they’d call their “type.” Neither thought about their romantic history in those terms. “I never really had a type,” opines Sabrina. Zev also shakes his head. “There is no type. But if there was, she’d be it!”

There weren’t types, but there were obstacles. “We are still overcoming a distance barrier,” says Sabrina, and Zev mentions something else. “Our pasts.”

Still, there was little doubt that they could make this work. “I got into a big argument with one of my friends a few weeks before he and I met in person,” says Sabrina. “It was about him [Zev]. I told her that he was special, and I was telling the truth. (She and I have since made up.)”

Zev nods. “Within the first couple of phone conversations, I felt like our relationship was special. It has given me visions of my future where I have a fuller life.”

Her bond with Zev has changed Sabrina, too. “I am a better, happier, more sure version of myself,” she says. “It feels good every single day to know he loves and supports me.”

Based on this experience, Sabrina has some thoughts for singles. “Patience, my friends,” she tells us. “Be open to many people. (And everything he says, cause his answer is better.)”

To begin a great list of tips, Zev advises everyone to “Be super, duper, patient. Be okay being ignored. Be able to move on. Don’t fall in love with a profile before you actually interact with that person. Wait for actual chemistry, not just lists of shared interests.”

And don’t think after one year, two years or four, that it can’t happen for you, too.

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