Inter Racial Marriages

Ashley & Ronald -
Georgia, United States

Engaged January 2012

Inter Racial Marriages - Cute, Short, and Perfectly Matched | Swirlr - Ashley & Ronald Inter Racial Marriages - Cute, Short, and Perfectly Matched | Swirlr - Ashley & Ronald Inter Racial Marriages - Cute, Short, and Perfectly Matched | Swirlr - Ashley & Ronald Inter Racial Marriages - Cute, Short, and Perfectly Matched | Swirlr - Ashley & Ronald

Cute, Short, and Perfectly Matched

“This was my first experience with online dating,” Ronald tells us, looking back at the day he signed up for our site. He sure hadn’t met the right woman in the “real world.” Ronald wasn’t desperate, but he wanted a new way to interact with potential Mrs. Ronalds. So he gave us a shot.

After about two months, Ronald’s online alter ego, “dabest4uboo,” received a Flirt from username “Anjealique.” He responded with an email and opened a dialogue with his new acquaintance. “She seemed like a really nice person who wanted the same things I wanted,” Ronald explains. “She was my type from the beginning, but of course the connection had to be there.”

Who was this mysterious woman? On the other side of the computer screen sat Ashley, someone in a small-town with big plans for her personal life. “I was pretty hopeful, but you never know,” she says. “It was also my first online dating experience.”

What drew Ashley to Ronald was his chill, down-to-earth outlook on life and his willingness to gamble with his heart. “He had been hurt by love before,” Ashley says. “But he was ready to love again. I wasn't 100% sure, since we came from completely different worlds and upbringings, but… We had an instant connection. There was no forcing it, which is easy to do.”

After awhile, it was time to take it to the next level. “We were hoping the in-person connection was just as deep as the telephone connection,” Ashley recalls. Their first date didn’t diminish the magic feeling forming between them. Afterwards, both singles gave each other good marks. Ronald thought Ashley was “cute, short, beautiful and loving” while she says he was “cute, short, and very affectionate towards me.” A big height difference wasn’t going to be a problem!

As their relationship progressed, feelings deepened and future plans were made. Ronald and Ashley spent more and more time together. Eventually, it was time for the moment of truth. “He proposed to me on a Friday night, after a nice dinner on the back balcony of my apartment,” Ashley says happily. “He told me to look in the storage compartment. There was a gold box waiting for me. Inside was a two-tone diamond ring, a perfect size 6. He told me he didn't want to pass up a chance at love and he was ready to make that commitment to me. I gladly accepted and here we are, planning for a wedding in late 2012 or early 2013!”

Ronald has no regrets about popping the question. He says his relationship with Ashley has been a new beginning for him. “This lovely woman has made me want to do better in life and love,” Ronald declares.

“It has changed my life greatly,” Ashley says of this partnership. “It gave me hope that decent guys are still out there and ready to be loved by a good woman who has a lot to offer.”

Ronald advises men seeking a mate online to go into it with a clear plan for what they want in a relationship. He also suggests that guys get over their fears of being vulnerable emotionally. “Know what you are looking for before you begin down this path. There are women out there that want to treat a man right, but you have to open your heart to let that happen,” he explains. “Online dating is a feeling-out process.”

Ashley says singles should take the good with the bad until the right fit is found. “Sometimes it works out, sometimes not. You just have to have faith and hope,” she says. “I believe it was destiny that brought us together because it is just too real and too special to not be. I can't say that all online dating experiences will be like ours, but it's not unlikely!”

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