Dating Black Men

Sharyl & Steve -
Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States

Dating Black Men - New Love on New Year’s | Swirlr - Sharyl & Steve Dating Black Men - New Love on New Year’s | Swirlr - Sharyl & Steve Dating Black Men - New Love on New Year’s | Swirlr - Sharyl & Steve

New Love on New Year’s

Sharyl recounts her reasons for joining our site. “I have done it before, and I thought it was an easier way to meet someone.” We asked her to gauge her degree of confidence. “I wasn’t sure [it would work], but thought I would give it a try.”

This wasn’t Steve’s first rodeo, either. “Not my first time [dating online],” he informs us. He says his “busy schedule” was a key motivator, adding, “I also thought it would be a good way to meet someone with the same values. I was confident.”

In no time at all, they clicked. “‘Lookin24’ (Steve) reached out first, through email,” Sharyl says. “I liked her look,” remembers Steve. “She was my type!” Meanwhile, “his smile, and his email” convinced Sharyl to respond. But it was their connection over the phone that convinced both parties to meet at the Blue Martini for a drink.

Laying eyes on him for the first time, Sharyl remembers thinking of Steve, “He’s cute! And sweet.” And what went through his mind, in that moment? “She’s sexy!”

The fact that they immediately felt comfortable with each other made Steve sure they’d see each other again. Sharyl says “I knew I liked him” and notes that their chemistry was off the charts.

While they were eager to give this a whirl, Sharyl and Steve had to account for the demands of his business. Steve’s traveling for work made things more difficult at first, say the pair. Still, as time went on and the dates flew by, this fledgling couple began to connect on deeper levels. “He has many qualities I like,” says Sharyl. “His caring ways” and “her family values” stood out as they got to know each other better.

Sharyl knew this thing was special when they celebrated a memorable holiday together. “When he kissed me after our New Year’s date,” that was it, she says. For Steve, the moment came “when she cooked for me on New Year’s Day.”

Here are their suggestions for singles who haven’t found their mate yet. “Have a open mind,” Sharyl counsels us. Steve reminds the guys to “treat a woman with respect, and be honest about what you want.”

Honestly, we respect the relationship they’ve built and we hope it lasts!

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