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Karen & Mike -
Pennsylvania, United States

Date Black Women - Accepting Fate
Accepting Fate | Swirlr - Karen & Mike Date Black Women - Accepting Fate
Accepting Fate | Swirlr - Karen & Mike

Accepting Fate Accepting Fate

Karen became a member of our site because she felt ready for a change. “I wanted to expand my options in looking for my soul-mate,” reports Karen. She was “not confident” that online dating would really move the needle for her, though.

Maybe she should have been! A mere two weeks after posting her profile, she found Mike’s. And liked it! What sparked her interest were “his hair” and the fact that he fit the bill for her – perfectly. “He appeared to be 100% my type,” Karen recalls. “So I sent a Flirt to him!”

As they chatted, she was impressed with Mike’s demeanor. “His confidence” was striking, Karen tells us. They went for dinner and, seeing him for the first time, Karen was pleased with the in-person version of Mike. “He was just as he appeared, if not better!” Looking back, she remembers being surprised at “How much we connected on every level.” After this bull’s eye of an evening, Karen felt “110-percent sure” there would be a second date.

Date after date, Karen kept learning new and wonderful things about this guy. “His openness” really touched her heart. The only obstacle to their relationship continuing to grow was “accepting fate,” she says. This pairing was truly in the cards.

Now that it’s a done deal, we asked Karen where they were when she realized this relationship was something special. “Our first passionate kiss, and his desire to share his life [with me],” Karen answers, radiant with love’s unmistakable glow. “I can’t imagine my life without him now!”

With any luck, she won’t have to.

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