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Jenna & Chris -
Michigan, United States

Black Men White Women - Their “Type” Needed to Change | Swirlr - Jenna & Chris Black Men White Women - Their “Type” Needed to Change | Swirlr - Jenna & Chris Black Men White Women - Their “Type” Needed to Change | Swirlr - Jenna & Chris Black Men White Women - Their “Type” Needed to Change | Swirlr - Jenna & Chris Black Men White Women - Their “Type” Needed to Change | Swirlr - Jenna & Chris

Their “Type” Needed to Change

Jenna works long hours and has to be choosy about how she spends her spare time. “I don’t really like going out much, and I don’t find a lot in common with guys who do,” she says. Chris was on the same page there. “I don’t like the whole bar scene,” he says.

And yet, Chris had never tried online dating. Not once. “This was my first experience,” he says. “Since I wasn’t in college anymore, I thought I’d give it a shot and see what was out there.” Jenna was no rookie in the online personals game, but she wasn’t thrilled with the results she’d had with other sites. An ad for ours convinced her we might be different.

Two days after she signed up, Jenna received a Flirt from Chris. By that time, it was his second stint on our site! He met someone, closed his account and reopened it almost a year later, after that relationship ended. The second time around, it took Chris less than a week to find Jenna. “She was a new member and her profile was not complete,” Chris remembers. “Later, I discovered how funny, affectionate and caring she was. But I was drawn to what I read.”

“He sent me a Flirt, but I had gotten so many I didn’t even see it,” Jenna says. Knowing that a personal message stands a better chance of being noticed than a Flirt, Chris tried again. He emailed Jenna and this time, she responded. “He was cute, and it seemed like he knew what he was looking for,” Jenna explains.

They moved on to a chat session. “Just a few moments into our first conversation, I found Jenna very appealing and I had a strong desire to get to know her better,” Chris says. Jenna was also intrigued by the man on the other side of the chat window.

From there, things progressed rapidly. “We were either talking or texting all the time,” Jenna says. “I went to my brother’s engagement party, and all I kept thinking about was how much I wished Chris was my date to the party! I spent the whole night texting him. That’s when I knew for sure I wanted to meet him.”

Chris had already booked a flight to visit Jenna for their first “in the flesh” meeting, but Jenna asked him to change his plans and see her sooner. Chris was glad to do it. When the day came and they were in the same room together, it felt as natural as breathing. Just six weeks after meeting online, Jenna was surprised by “how comfortable and easy it was” spending time with Chris. Jenna marvels that “it was as if we’d known each other for years!” Chris agrees. “We were holding hands before we made it to lunch,” he laughs. “We seemed to have an instant rapport.”

Not surprisingly, they were positive they would see each other again. “I knew I liked her and I felt like she was interested, so I was fairly certain there would be a second date,” Chris says.

Well, there certainly was a second date, and a third, a fourth and many more. Chris and Jenna are very much in love. “He is everything I was searching for but never knew existed in one person,” Jenna says. “I’m so much happier than I was. I was in a rut in my life, and meeting Chris is challenging me to change that. I’m very grateful to him.”

Jenna isn’t the kind of person Chris expected to end up with, but that’s not a bad thing. “She's not at all like my ‘type,’ because I was wrong about what I considered my type before,” he says. “She is exactly the kind of person I should be with, though!” Jenna jokes that her type was “jerk,” so she’s happy to have broken the mold with Chris.

Finding love has changed his life, says Chris. “I've considered things I never thought about before, and I am making big decisions based on how I feel about her.” Are wedding bells in their future? “When we get engaged, I will be sure to make it special,” promises Chris.

We always ask our success stories if they have any advice for all those folks who haven’t found true love yet. Jenna is up first. “I guess I would say to not be scared! Sometimes it’s good, and sometimes it’s not so good. Then one day it’s amazing; you just have to hold out!”

Chris preaches patience. “Give it a chance. It may seem strange at first and a little daunting, but if you keep an open mind, there is a good chance you will find someone special.”

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