Interracial Couples Success Stories

  • Stella & Graham

    “He Met His Fiancée 25 Minutes into His Membership”

    We asked Stella why she joined our site — her immediate answer is earnest and forthright. “I wanted a soulmate and a life partner whom I could love and be loved by, in return,” says Stella. “Someone I could trust and share with.” Graham is equally direct. “I was looking for a black pa… read more

  • Gina & Gregory

    “In Vegas, They Went “All In””

    Gina approached her first foray into Internet personals with great caution. “I wanted to meet people at a safe distance, in order to have time to get to know them in a safe way,” she tells us. “I wasn’t really looking for love, at the time.” When Gregory signed up with our site, he was … read more

  • Cera & Julian

    “From Non-Members to Married in a Matter of Days”

    Now that she’s married to Julian, Cera has advice to impart to seekers of love everywhere, especially the guys. “Men, don’t talk about sex,” she begins. “Don’t send naked pictures! Work on the trust and winning her heart. Never lie, ever, not even a white lie. It only leaves your partner… read more

  • Annique & Jan

    “Glad She Forgave His Faux Pas”

    Annique and Jan live in Germany and met on our site (their English is pretty good, by the way!). We asked Annique about her previous dating experiences. “I was just tired of being alone,” she says. “I tried other sites too, but with no success. In fact, I had been here for more than three year… read more

  • Doris & Darren

    “It Only Took TWO DAYS to Meet Her Match”

    Today, Doris is excited to be engaged, but once upon a time she was debating whether or not to pursue a long-distance relationship with Darren, the man she met on our site. “Don’t be afraid to step out on faith,” she tells our readers while drawing on her own experience. “I packed up my life… read more