Interracial Couples Success Stories

  • Karen & Mike

    “Accepting Fate Accepting Fate”

    Karen became a member of our site because she felt ready for a change. “I wanted to expand my options in looking for my soul-mate,” reports Karen. She was “not confident” that online dating would really move the needle for her, though. Maybe she should have been! A mere two weeks after po… read more

  • Sabrina & Zev

    “Super, Duper, Love”

    It makes sense that Sabrina and Zev and might be a match… Both chose funny usernames! She posted a profile on our site with the handle “SabriNUTZ” and Zev chose “RightOnRed.” Sense of humor was surely a factor in their initial attraction. Here’s why Sabrina signed up. “I wasn’t fi… read more

  • Lisa & Joe

    “Their Pet Popped the Question”

    When Lisa pondered options for usernames, in the midst of posting her profile on our site, she came up with the logical (but fun) “NewScene.” Not so new on the scene was Joe, whose handle was “JMango0523.” He’d been with us a year at that point. Lisa wasn’t having much luck with tra… read more

  • Stella & Graham

    “He Met His Fiancée 25 Minutes into His Membership”

    We asked Stella why she joined our site — her immediate answer is earnest and forthright. “I wanted a soulmate and a life partner whom I could love and be loved by, in return,” says Stella. “Someone I could trust and share with.” Graham is equally direct. “I was looking for a black pa… read more

  • Gina & Gregory

    “In Vegas, They Went “All In””

    Gina approached her first foray into Internet personals with great caution. “I wanted to meet people at a safe distance, in order to have time to get to know them in a safe way,” she tells us. “I wasn’t really looking for love, at the time.” When Gregory signed up with our site, he was … read more