Interracial Marriage

Nicolette & Madi -
Kanifing, Western, The Gambia

Married June 2021

Interracial Marriage - Trust the System | Swirlr - Nicolette & Madi Interracial Marriage - Trust the System | Swirlr - Nicolette & Madi Interracial Marriage - Trust the System | Swirlr - Nicolette & Madi Interracial Marriage - Trust the System | Swirlr - Nicolette & Madi Interracial Marriage - Trust the System | Swirlr - Nicolette & Madi Interracial Marriage - Trust the System | Swirlr - Nicolette & Madi

Trust the System

Just how did users “Naturalette” and “MadiGray” meet and marry via our site? It all began when the duo decided to venture online in search of love…

Madi says he was looking for a change. “I was interested in a different type of woman,” he tells us. “However, because of my location, I was limited.” So he posted an online dating profile for the first time. Fortunately, he chose us to join, because that’s where Nicolette made her first foray into Internet personals, too!

“Yes, it was my first experience with online dating,” she confirms. “I was ready to try something new compared to standard dating, especially due to COVID.”

However, that doesn’t mean that Nicolette was entirely certain she was ready for this endeavor. “I wasn’t sure what to expect,” she admits. “I was kind of nervous, to be honest!” Madi was more at home with it, telling us, “I was confident in using the site.”

One week into his membership, Madi spotted “Naturalette” on our site. “I’d just come from work,” he recalls. This new profile had just been posted by none other than Nicolette. Madi says he knew it might be an important find from “the first time I saw her photo. She was beautiful, natural, and I had deep feelings [from the start].” So he reached out to Nicolette. “He sent the Flirt flowers and I flirted back,” she says. “He was exactly my type.”

What did Nicolette like about Madi’s profile? “I liked the fact that he was talented in multiple ways, as well as his handsomeness,” she explains. In fact, Nicolette says she knew from the beginning that this match would be special. “From the first conversation,” she emphasizes. “My mom was sick and he was there for me verbally/mentally.”

It wasn’t long before tangible plans were made to meet in person. “Something in my heart said I needed to fly to the Gambia to meet this man,” notes Nicolette. “He had all the qualities I desired!” As for Madi, he was more than ready to host her in his home country. “She is real, approachable, and our love is destined to be,” says the happy hubby, reiterating, “I fell in love at first sight.”

Soon after stepping off the plane in the Gambia, Nicolette was welcomed into Madi’s world. “I introduced her to my family,” he says. During their first in-person interactions Madi remembers thinking, “She is beautiful, smart, real, and natural!” Nicolette says that upon meeting face to face her first thought about Madi was, “He is everything that I hoped and prayed for. Handsome, strong, talented, good morals and personality.”

Nothing about Madi failed to fit with the good impression Nicolette got from his profile and their early communication. Except this. She remarks that “his patience” was something that didn’t come across in the profile. Madi didn’t overpromise and under-deliver! “He was exactly who he said he was,” Nicolette declares. “Same,” Madi says of her.

So the visit went pretty well, then? “We are gonna spend the rest of our lives together,” says Madi. It’s safe to say that after their first romantic times together both singles were sure they’d see each other again. “We were so sure that we got married!” laughs Nicolette, adding that Madi proposed over the phone.

Before these two could tie the knot there were snags to unravel, however. The couple list some obstacles they had to overcome: “Distance, time zones, laws, and family judgment.” But Madi was more than worth it to Nicolette. “He is the most adaptable, honest man ever,” she beams. The respect is a two-way street. “She is straight forward and motivated,” Madi says of his wife.

For them, finding love was worth any sacrifice. “It’s changed my life so drastically,” marvels Nicolette. “My husband is from a whole other culture, lifestyle, and country! I have learned so much and I still have much more to learn.”

To help other singles learn from their experience, the happy couple have shared a few thoughts about online dating. “Just be patient, honest, and your truest self,” Nicolette advises. “Be patient and honest,” agrees Madi. “And have lots of faith. Trust the system.”

The system sure worked for these two, and in short order!

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