Interracial Marriage

Jay & Laketa -
Saint Louis, United States

Engaged February 2012

Interracial Marriage - Love Kept Him Waiting | Swirlr - Jay & Laketa Interracial Marriage - Love Kept Him Waiting | Swirlr - Jay & Laketa Interracial Marriage - Love Kept Him Waiting | Swirlr - Jay & Laketa Interracial Marriage - Love Kept Him Waiting | Swirlr - Jay & Laketa

Love Kept Him Waiting

Laketa had met men on our dating site before, but we were J’s first experience. Neither person was especially hopeful that signing up would end in an engagement, but today these two are making wedding plans!

Jay’s membership was about a week old when he spotted an attractive woman’s profile. “She all that… And I do mean ALL THAT!” he laughs. But not only was the lady’s picture beguiling, her profile convinced him she was a woman of substance as well. “What she wrote really touched me in a deep way,” he recalls.

Determined to get to know her better, Jay sent Laketa a Flirt. Of course this prompted her to take a look at his profile and see if it sparked her interest. Oh yeah. This gentleman definitely pushed the right buttons. “He was funny, and a sweet and romantic guy,” Laketa observed. After some online correspondence and conversation, she was convinced to try out their connection in person. “I had prayed about it, and it seemed right,” she tells us.

The most surprising thing about their first date was that it was over before they knew it. “The time just flew by,” Jay says. He was certain they would go out again, “without a doubt.” Jay’s only regret was that Laketa has only now come into his life. “I wish that I met her years ago,” he reflects wistfully.

Laketa says she was struck by how nice Jay was in person and says he was “better” than her type up to now. Jay adds that when it comes to getting to know someone, “talking in person” is always preferable to email or phone calls. It was truly at that moment that he knew this pairing was potentially a lifelong love. “Is she my type? More than I can explain,” he says.

Over the course of time, the couple grew closer together. Their joy seeped into every aspect of their life. “He makes me happy,” Laketa says. An ebullient Jay declares, “I feel like I am on top of the world!”

Knowing that, it shouldn’t come as a shock to learn that Jay arranged a memorable moment in which to pop the question to his beloved. “I proposed on Valentine's Day, on a horse-drawn carriage in St. Louis. Laketa had absolutely NOOOOO idea. I even got the carriage operator involved and she recorded it. Sadly though, the carriage operator hit the stop button before she recorded me asking Laketa to marry me. Who cares though? Laketa said YES!”

Given that it worked like a charm for him, Jay suggests that singles stick with online dating until they enjoy similar results. “I had my doubts in the beginning about paying—would the person be who they said they were, etc., but I have no regrets for doing it! Love knows no time limits and has no schedule.”

I guess we can all forgive love for running late, as long as it shows up and sticks around!

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