Tensions Mount In 3rd & 4th Webisodes of "Swirlr" As Kurt & Quintana Choose Master Dates

After a round of speed dating, Kurt and Quintana each go on master dates with their top choices, and things take an interesting turn. Tune-in to the 3rd & 4th webisodes of Swirlr- the first interracial dating reality series.

LOS ANGELES, April 28, 2014 -- In Swirlr's first webisode titled, "Meet the Clients - Kurt and Quintana" and in the second webisode titled, "Meet the Candidates," we're introduced to singles Kurt and Quintana as they each decide they're ready to try interracial dating for the first time. Straight-off-the-farm Kurt and Atlanta-bred DJ Quintana meet the Swirling Experts - Author and Blogger Christelyn Karazin and Body Language expert Jordan Harbinger - to discuss their previous "types" and what kind of person they are now open to dating.

Blonde-haired, German-American Kurt shares that he usually goes for "a Taylor Swift type" while African-American/Native-American Quintana admits a weakness for "bad boys," and shares that she has "dated mainly black men because they are the only ones who can really understand my attitude."

Still single and searching for love, both Kurt and Quintana decide they are ready to swirl...

In Swirlr's 3rd webisode titled "Speed Dates" Kurt speed dates with Latin southern belle Danielle, down-to-earth animal lover Angela and outdoor enthusiast Chanel.

Quintana speed dates with former bull rider and current DJ Jon, self-professed affluent exotic car aficionado Denis, and Italian-stallion Rocky. Quintana's choice, however, is not so easy. After asking, "I can't have them all?" Quintana makes her initial choice, only to feel that she made a mistake, and she wants to change her mind at the very last moment. Who will Quintana ultimately choose for her master date?

In Swirlr's 4th webisode titled "First Dates" Kurt takes his date on a motorcycle ride and rustic outdoor adventure, while Quintana chooses bowling for her first date. Simple enough, but Kurt's date seems to take a turn when something offensive is brought up, and Quintana gets more than she bargained for when a game of bowling turns into a dare.

Tune in at Swirlr.tv.

About Swirlr

Swirlr is the first multiracial, multicultural dating reality series, that's all about dating different or "swirling." Swirlr is Executive Produced by Shawn Miles, co-Executive Producer of the E! Network series, Ice Loves Coco, and by InterracialDating.com founder, Rob Thompson. The web series is hosted by Christelyn Karazin, author of the book "Swirling: How to Date, Mate and Relate – mixing race, culture & creed," and editor of the blog BeyondBlackWhite.com; and by Jordan Harbinger, body language expert and founder of The Art of Charm. Webisodes of Swirlr can be watched at Swirlr.com or at the Swirlr YouTube Channel.

Video - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RRYmZGEVi-Y

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